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About this site

This site provides information and support about rooms for foreign single mother living in Japan.NonProfitorganization Little Ones will operate theweb site and provide support and information.This web site and information Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in fisical year 2020, and all housing suport to single parent in Japan will be provied by NonProfitorganization Little Ones assigined as Tokyo Metroporitan government's Housing Support Organziazon.

* It depends on the conditions or

your situation.

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The process of moving in

For our customers, little ones provides multilingual support. An interpreter will provide services such as making phone calls for you, so please ask for our services anytime without any worries.

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Happy Customers

  1. CASE1

    1 years old Kid,Vietnam

    I was divorced and needed a place to live to get out of my ex-husband's house. It was not easy to find a place to rent for foreign single mother, but I asked for help from Little Ones and they found me an apartment near my Vietnamese friend's house!

  2. CASE2

    10 years old 13 years old Kids,United States

    I was looking for a larger room for my children as they were growing up. Rents were high for larger rooms in Tokyo and my salary was tight, so I contacted Little Ones.They found a room close to work and to my children's school, and I am happy to say that my children did not have to change schools.

  3. CASE3

    2 years old 4 years old Kids ,Brazil

    I was looking for a room to move to Tokyo from another prefecture. I was looking for both a job and a place to live, which was difficult for me as a foreigner and my Japanese is not very good. I saw the Little Ones in the newspaper and contacted them, and they found me a room first. Now I have a job at a hotel.

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